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Delight in Discovery and Development

The Good Shepherd School seeks to instill a love of learning in each child and our programs are designed to be fun (Delight), engaging and interactive (Discovery), and intellectually and socially stimulating (Development). We offer a variety of classes for each age level from 12-months old through Kindergarten as well as afternoon enrichment programs. All of our classes have two experienced teachers providing a low teacher to student ratio with an average ratio of 1:5. Take a closer look at all we offer. 


  • Daily outdoor play

  • Special field trips off campus

  • Performances at school (e.g., magician, plays, and puppet shows) and on-site visit from The ZooMobile

  • Thanksgiving Service, Christmas Pageant, and Spring Concert

  • Parents’ Association-sponsored events for the whole family: back-to-school Fire and Ice night, Fall Festival, and more

  • Classroom special celebrations throughout the year

  • Weekly special classes, including Music, Art, Chapel, Library, Creative Movement, and Spanish

  • Unique classroom activities in science, nature, math, cooking, and literature

  • Afternoon Enrichment (12:00-3:00 p.m., bring lunch)  (ages 3 - Pre-K)

  • Ongoing community outreach programs​

  • Classes options for 12-month-olds through kindergarten that offer developmentally appropriate curriculum to foster a child’s creativity, communication skills, collaboration with others, and critical thinking.

  • Focus on fine-motor skills, gross-motor skills, and language skills

  • Character development: manners, respect, empathy, responsibility, kindness, cooperation, perseverance, and honesty

  • Reading readiness

  • Elementary-school readiness

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