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Monday-Friday-12:00-3:00, 3s and Pre-K Students

Themes:        Let’s Build, Act It Out, Sensational Science, and many more

Activities:      crafts, collaborative projects, games, building, 

                       imaginative play, children’s poetry and literature

Schedule:       free play - lunch - recess - rest - story - activity - recess

Enrichment:  fun, skill building, socializing, learning to work together, choice   

                       time, expanding vocabulary, developing background knowledge


Art Doodles- Not Available First Semester

Fridays- 12:00-3:00

Teacher:         Mrs. Connor and Mrs. Sears

Activities:      For kids that like to explore! Paint galore, and much, much, 

                       more. Opportunity to experiment with different mediums and

                       do exciting science experiments. Seasonal crafts will be part of

                       the fun too! 

Schedule:       free play-lunch-art-outdoor play-rest-story-science-                                     outdoor play

Enrichment:  developing creativity and self-expression, time and flexibility 

                       for appreciating the process of creating, having a fabulous   

                       time with art expression and friends

Globe Trotters- Not Available First Semester

Fridays 12:00-3:00, 3s 

Teachers:       Mrs. Carter and Mrs. Greer

Activities:      using our “real-life” passport, we will “visit” a different   

                       country every week through stories, music, food, children’s  

                       games and so much more

Schedule:       free play-lunch-outdoor play-rest story- fun travel activities                           outdoor play

Enrichment:  learning about other cultures through hands-on activities,       

                       developing an awareness of other parts of the world, fun with

                       traveling through imaginative play