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We offer a variety of programs for each age level from 12-months old through Kindergarten as well as afternoon enrichment programs. All of our classes have two experienced teachers providing a low teacher to student ratio with an average ratio of 1:5.



I was lucky enough to spend time with my son in his 2s' - class when he started at GSS. The calm ,gentle composure of the classroom immediately sets the tone for all who enter and the children are no exception. The teachers are never on edge, always patient, always smiling and by reflection so are the children. It doesn't feel as if these are items on the teachers’ lesson plans,; it feels as if the teachers just want to share their joy by playing with 2-year-old children every morning. The classroom is set up with exploration opportunities at every turn, and the children are always greeted in the morning with a new art project. My son is always excited to see what it will be!
It really is a class where children are taught by example and through opportunity, I've just never seen it done so well. My son is better for it. And though, he is my fourth, I've adopted some of their ways and we are all better for it. I wish I would have found GSS sooner, but I'm very grateful we're a part of this wonderful school now." – 
Annie G.

Classes & Tuition



Ages 3 - Pre-K

We offer optional afternoon enrichment programs for our children ages 3 – Pre-K. The afternoon programs provide children with fun, skill building, socializing, learning to work together, choice time, expanding vocabulary, and developing background knowledge.


Monday-Friday, 12:00-3:00 p.m.


Children enrolled in our 2s 


2s Lunch Bunch


Provides a drop-in option from 11:30-12:30 for our 2-Day 2s and 3-Day 2s to have lunch at school with their friends. 

If they have an older sibling whose dismissal is at noon, the sibling may also stay (just not for lunch) until 12:30.

Monday-Friday, 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.


Afternoon Enrichment
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