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Kaleidoscope- Registration Opens online in our Family Section                                             September 1st

Monday-Friday 3 Hours in the Afternoon, 3s and Pre-Ks

Themes:        Let’s Build, Act It Out, Sensational Science, and many more

Activities:      crafts, collaborative projects, games, building, 

                       imaginative play, children’s poetry and literature

Schedule:       free play - lunch - recess - rest - story - activity - recess

Enrichment:  fun, skill building, socializing, learning to work together, choice   

                       time, expanding vocabulary, developing background knowledge

Globe Trotters

Art Doodles-

Fridays 12:00-3:00, Pre-Ks

Teacher:         Mrs. Connor and Mrs. Sears

Activities:       arts & crafts, paint galore, opportunity to

                       experiment with different art mediums

Schedule:       free play - lunch - recess - rest - story - art - recess

Enrichment:  developing creativity and self-expression, time and flexibility 

                       for appreciating the process of creating, having a fabulous   

                       time with art expression and friends

Globe Trotters- 

Fridays 12:00-3:00, 3s 

Teachers:       Mrs. Carter and Mrs.Greer

Activities:      using our “real-life” passport, we will “visit” a different   

                       country every week through stories, music, food, children’s  

                       games and so much more

Schedule:       free play - lunch - recess - rest- story - activity - recess

Enrichment:  learning about other cultures through hands-on activities,       

                       developing an awareness of other parts of the world, fun with


Art Doodles


Our 2-Day 2s and 3-Day 2s have their own LUNCH BUNCH!

11:30-12:30 Monday-Friday

Pack a lunch and stay for lunch with friends


$15 per day for 2s LUNCH BUNCH


Available the day your 2-year-old attends school


Please note: There is limited space each day with no exceptions.

Procedures to Sign Up:

  • Contact the school office by 12 noon prior to the day you want your child to participate in 2s LUNCH BUNCH to check for availability.

  • $15 for 2s LUNCH BUNCH will be billed through your FACTS account.

  • Pack a lunch for your 2-year old and let your child’s/children’s teacher know they are staying.

2s Lunch Bunch
Busy Bears Thursday Drop-In
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