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Afternoon Programs


All afternoon programs are 12:00-3:00

First Semester dates: 9/9-1/10

Second Semester dates: 1/13-5/19


Please note: Children must be toilet trained in order to participate in the afternoon programs.


Please pack a NUT-FREE lunch

(if you use a peanut butter substitute for your child’s lunch, please put a note in your child’s lunchbox so the teachers know it is not peanut butter. THANK YOU!)


Monday - Friday
3s and Pre-Ks

Themes:          Bonkers for Books

                        Let’s Build

                        Act It Out

                        Sensational Science and many more!

Activities:       crafts, collaborative projects,

                        games, building, imaginative 

                        play, children’s poetry and literature.

Schedule:        free play - lunch - recess - rest - 

                        story - activity - recess

Enrichment:   fun, skill building, socializing,

                        learning to work together, choice 

                        time, expanding vocabulary, 

                        developing background knowledge

First Semester Fees:   


Mon: $450 9/9-1/6   Tue: $460 9/10-1/7     


Wed: $420 9/11-1/8      Thu: $420 9/12-1/9

Fri: $360 9/13-1/10


Drop-ins: $35 per day

(availability depends on enrollment)

Globe Trotters

Travel the World

Fridays 12:00-3:00

Teachers:       Mrs Carter and Mrs. Greer

Activities:      using our “real-life” passport, we

                       will “visit” a different country 

                       every week through stories, music,  

                       food, children’s games and so

                       much more!

Schedule:       free play - lunch - recess- rest-

                       story - activity - recess

Enrichment:  learning about other cultures

                       through hands-on activities,

                       developing an awareness of other  

                       parts of the world, fun with


First Semester Fees:

Fri:  $360  9/13-1/10 (excluding         11/1,11/8,11/29,12/20.12/27,1/3

Drop-in option NOT available

Art Doodles

Where Art meets Science

Fridays 12:00-3:00

Teacher:       Mrs. Connor and Mrs. Sears

Activities:     For kids that like to explore! Paint                          galore, and much, much, more.

                      Opportunity to experiment with 

                      different mediums and do exciting                        science experiments. Seasonal                                crafts will be part of the fun too!       Schedule:      free play - lunch - recess - rest -

                      story - art/science - recess

Enrichment: developing creativity and self-

                      expression, and the ability to                                  question, guess, observe, and test.

First Semester Fees:

Fri:  $360  9/13-1/10 (excluding11/1, 11/8, 11/29, 12/20, 12/27, 1/3

Drop-in option NOT available